At Yellow, our advisors can accompany you at every stage of your development. Especially when you’re about to take the plunge into the world of new entrepreneurs.

Here are all the points on which we can help you.

Launching yourself as a freelancer is a beautiful and great adventure.

But at Yellow, we know that creating your own business requires a lot of time and energy. Besides the project, there is the search for premises, the administrative paperwork and communication.

On these last two points, don’t panic: we offer to meet all your needs and at a price that is unbeatable on the Luxembourg market. Our marketing, administrative and accounting services are specially designed for the self-employed and craftsmen like you.

We have developed well thought-out Yellow packages, so that you can develop your business at a lower cost. Because we know your situation inside out and because your project deserves the help it deserves.

Here are all the solutions we offer you

Creating your brand identity

To develop your brand, the visual identity is a point not to be neglected. A strong brand must have a strong business name, a striking logo and a consistent graphic charter.

On all these points our experts can help you, advise you and even create everything you need.

Create your website to be visible online

In today’s world, online presence is essential. No company functions without being formidable on the web.

At Yellow, we offer to design a website that is a success, both in terms of content and form. And we will always create a website that fits in perfectly with your world.

Position yourself well in the search results

It is a good idea to improve your natural referencing, your SEO. In other words, the position of your website in the search engine results. To improve this result, we work on keywords to integrate into your content and on technical information.

Using social networks

Communities on social networks are of paramount importance today. Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks are great entry points to find customers. Later on, they allow you to keep your customers informed and retain them.

At Yellow, our consultants can manage your community management for you. Without you having to worry about this long but necessary work.

Launching advertising campaigns

Whether on Google or on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, we can help you with your advertising campaigns. We can help you with your advertising campaigns, not only by designing them but also by monitoring them.

The results of these campaigns are tangible and we can adapt them according to the results, to always improve your return on investment.

Attractive communication materials

Whether it’s corporate documents, promotional items or signage, our workshop can produce any kind of advertising material to make your visual communication eye-catching and memorable.