Now at the service of the Luxembourg economy!

The world of professional directories is in a state of upheaval in Luxembourg? Never mind, Yellow is following suit and even looking beyond.

Equipe dirigeante de Yellow Business

This 22 February 2021 marked the rebirth of the product. A product that is now shaking up the Grand Duchy’s market, driven by its great ambition and its social and economic values. Take away its extension, change its management team, develop innovative marketing solutions and obtain a brand new product: “Yellow”.

Fighting against the law of the strongest

CEO David Gavroy is now working with leading marketing experts to build confidence for Yellow’s clients at the highest level and to help smaller businesses. “I want to contribute to the Luxembourg and border economy by offering innovative and accessible marketing solutions through an automated system. The idea is to serve everyone, from VSEs to SMEs, on an equal footing”, David Gavroy confides.

The communication agencies present in the country’s economic landscape offer a tailor-made service, which is generally too expensive for players such as small restaurants, paramedics or craftsmen. A large budgetary gap that has been stretched further and further during the fight against Covid.

“Do we have to wait for a breakdown to move and help them? I don’t want to be one of them,” David continues. As the competition wakes up, Yellow’s team sees it as a good thing. Olivier Goepfert, who is well known in the industry and is Yellow’s new Client Director, explains: “Some people say that Yellow was at the end of its life. That makes me smile. A company is like a living thing: if you don’t feed it, it dies. The objectives are now set: To redevelop in Luxembourg and to go beyond the borders in barely two years’ time.

No question of redefining marketing. But rather to accompany the customer. The directory and the yellow pages are now just a central core for Yellow, around which 4 services considered to be the pillars of marketing are built:

Les 4 piliers marketing de Yellow Business

The only objective here is to make companies visible and to help them through digital marketing and current sales techniques.

With its 4 pillars, Yellow can boast the most comprehensive service offering on the market. “It’s not a question of simply getting an order form signed, with a commission at the end. We offer real support over the long term”, explains Olivier Goepfert. The vocabulary is simplified, the prices are adapted: in short, marketing is now within reach! After having carried out a free inventory of their digital presence, the “partners” – and no longer the “clients” – are offered a hand-in-hand collaboration with marketing advisors. Goodbye sales people, hello experts! Each campaign will be carefully monitored, with optimisation, qualified lead generation and performance reporting.

We are no longer talking about simple Internet referencing, but about a marketing strategy with a real return on investment. That’s where the difference lies. “Yellow is going to offer solutions that are going to evolve constantly, like the digital world. Since the takeover, we have wanted to offer our partners the opportunity to work together,” continues David Gavroy, who will soon be offering training in the basics of marketing and administrative support (management, accounting and secretarial services). Brand branding To support this renewal, Yellow has given itself a more modern identity with an international brand aura.

Bâche publicitaire Yellow Luxembourg

The values of attachment and collaboration are the common thread of this emotional and visual communication, reinforced by the baseline “Connecting people and companies”.

A digital campaign will be launched on 9 June, including a teaser video that we invite you to discover in advance.

As part of this launch, Yellow is offering its Freemium package: a free 3-month listing in the platform’s yellow pages, as a nice way to get started. This is a wide range of services, enough to please all the actors of the Luxembourg economy. And that’s not all, because “what we launch today will be less good than tomorrow”, concludes the new management team.