At Yellow, our advisors can help you establish your online visibility. From website creation, to referencing, to community management. We provide solutions to all your needs.

Here are all the points we can help you with.

In the digital age, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As entrepreneurs and craftsmen, you have to find your way through the internet to attract new customers. Unfortunately, making your business visible online takes time. And it’s no easy task.

Fortunately for you, our Yellow experts are qualified to help you. Here’s how we can help you make your business visible online.

Have a successful website

The first impression is always the right one. To make an impression on the curious, you need a website that is not only ergonomic but also and above all visually attractive. To convert the Internet user into a potential client.

At Yellow, we create the site that suits you.

Writing relevant content

This is an element that weighs heavily in your visibility, and yet it is sometimes put aside. If your content is not up to scratch, you will have trouble getting visibility in search engines.
All your web pages should include accurate and relevant descriptive content that contains the main keywords that describe your business or what you sell.
Ideally, this content will be optimised with specific expressions while keeping a natural tone.
At Yellow, we create your content and we optimise it for you. Your wish is our command.

Be present on social networks

Social networks are a real showcase for your activity. And maintaining your community is essential, even if it can be time-consuming.
Publishing content regularly gives your audience a reason to return to your networks and reminds them that you are an authority in your field.
However, be careful not to favour quantity over quality. We know this balance well and we master it perfectly at Yellow. We manage your community management as if it were our own. And we guarantee you a beautiful online presence.

Optimising your referencing

It is a good idea to improve your natural referencing, your SEO. In other words, the position of your website in the search engine results. To improve this result, we work on keywords to be included in your content and on technical information.

Launching online advertising campaigns

Whether on Google or on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, we can help you with your advertising campaigns. Not only by designing them, but also by monitoring them.
The results of these campaigns are tangible and we can adapt them according to the results, to always improve your return on investment.