Sébastien, to guide you in your marketing campaigns.

Yellow is a talented team but also and above all a human one. And Sébastien Marxer is certainly the most telling example. Every day he travels the roads of Luxembourg, meeting entrepreneurs and craftsmen, each one more fascinating than the last.

With his mobile phone in hand, one foot in the car and the other on the ground, Sébastien, our new Marketing Advisor, spends a good part of his day on the roads of Luxembourg meeting local entrepreneurs and craftsmen.

This is what he says: “What I like about this job is the movement. The fact that I’m always looking for new partners, each one more exceptional than the last, and going to meet them. I believe in Yellow and its new project. When I listen to the needs of our partners, I can immediately see what we can offer them. It’s important for me to help them shine with our digital marketing skills.

15 years of experience

Sébastien has been working in the world of communication for 15 years. He worked for almost three years in Amsterdam and a few years in Strasbourg, before establishing his expertise in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Sébastien Marxer - Marketing Advisor chez Yellow Luxembourg

His arrival at Yellow is by no means a coincidence: “I am a very thorough person, and I would not be able to advise our partners correctly if I did not believe in the Yellow philosophy. What I like so much about Yellow is what we offer: real support, helping our partners to achieve their development objectives. And Yellow is a marketing agency on a human scale, with a creative spirit and a closeness that doesn’t exist anywhere else. I am convinced that we have great things to offer the Luxembourg economy”, explains the consultant.

If his smile seems tense in this photo, we guarantee that the reality is quite different. Sébastien is friendliness incarnate. And if you want to see for yourself, go ahead: “Say Yellow, can you arrange a meeting with Sébastien?