Axelle, to give colour to your content.

It’s no longer a secret that Yellow is growing. The brand is acquiring a team of experts. The latest addition: Axelle Graisse, a communications enthusiast!

Yellow is the colour of joy. The colour that brightens up a world and makes it shine. So when it came time for Yellow to expand its team, changing tack was out of the question. The new team will be in keeping with the company’s new brand image: supercharged. And Axelle, the new Content Specialist, won’t tell you otherwise. “I worked as a journalist for two years. The time had come for me to leave the local press and put my pen to work for the local economy. I want to bring colour and highlight the work of the region’s entrepreneurs, craftsmen and enthusiasts.”

Axelle Graisse, la nouvelle Content Specialist de Yellow Business

Long attached to the telephone directory label, Yellow is now going much further in supporting its customers. The aim is above all to make businesses visible and to help them through digital marketing and current sales techniques. “I was born with social networks. You could say that like Obelix, I fell into the pot when I was little. I have always been passionate about communication and have always gravitated towards these ecosystems. The whole point today is for me to put this experience to work for new partners who inspire me, and whom I wish to inspire in my turn,” confides the new recruit, full of enthusiasm.

Cupid of the news

The idea is to put consumers in touch with the company that suits them best. A concept that Axelle is convinced of. “Communication is a matchmaker’s job. It’s about connecting sender and receiver, via the right channel. We are, in a way, the cupids of information. We send the right arrow to the right target and we help consumers and partners meet.

Axelle has joined a team of experts who are determined to put their know-how at the service of their partners and their satisfaction. Enough talk, it’s time to meet them and above all…to let them work!