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Let’s talk small, let’s talk big: digital marketing is an open door to your customers. Breaking it down is perhaps not the best solution. At Yellow, we advise you to go step by step, to apprehend what is in front of you with the necessary hindsight and to go in with a tailor-made digital strategy.

With our experts, you can promote your small business to tons of new faces. Reach as many people as possible with targeted campaigns based on criteria that are relevant to your industry.

Read our article to discover the 5 major advantages of digital marketing.

Why would you want to go digital?

1 – Measurable results.

Digital marketing is the perfect ally for small businesses because its results are tangible. Unlike other communication media such as bus shelter campaigns, ROI – Return on Investment – is an important tool for measuring marketing performance. It can be mapped, giving a nice window into your ongoing communication campaign. You have access to the data at any time. A huge opportunity!

Depending on the results obtained in the first phase of the campaign, the Yellow Business team adjusts your marketing plan by optimising the investments made.

You’ll notice that we’re talking about investment and not expenditure, since digital marketing is a real lever for seducing your prospects and encouraging purchasing behaviour. Since digital marketing is optimised during the course of a campaign, the budget invested is necessarily relevant.

At the end of the campaign, you can analyse a statistical report. The results shown will allow you to orient your future budgetary choices to maximise your profitability.

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2 – Targeted customers.

Digital has the advantage of completely changing your customer relationship. By implementing a digital marketing strategy, you can analyse the behaviour of your prospects to better meet their expectations. Digital is a tool with incredible impact that, depending on the criteria assigned to the campaign, will reach THE right person. A bit like an inverted pyramid.

Yellow’s digital experts use their technical performance to narrow down your audience. This is an important step in your marketing process, as it introduces your product to the people most likely to be interested in it. For example, SEA – Search Engine Optimisation – allows you to reach customers who search for keywords related to your business. Campaigns on social networks are broadcast to personalised audiences: geographical criteria, demographic characteristics, centres of interest, etc.

Calling on the services of Yellow Business means making the most of your marketing budget. Thus, you will have the certainty that all the efforts made are effective.

3 – The possibility of competing.

Digital marketing is a tool accessible to small businesses. It is easy to handle and customisable. So it fits your portfolio too! It allows you to be as visible online as the big groups and multinationals. And in the face of these giants, you have a card to play: that of freedom. While the big groups are confined to precise rules, you have much more room for manoeuvre.

Your agility and creativity become your main assets. Combined with Yellow Business solutions such as the creation of websites or the development of a strategy on social networks, you will have the winning combo to optimise your visibility.

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4 – Referencing with qualified buyers.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is generally done with an agency. It helps you optimise the pages of your website to make them a lever for acquiring prospects. The Yellow team can help you use relevant keywords. People looking for your products or services will then find you more easily and you will get targeted traffic to your site.

SEO is not just for e-shops. It serves all local businesses when someone searches for a retailer in their area. For example, if a prospect searches for “Hairdresser – Strassen”, it’s best if they come across your salon. These searches regularly lead to buying behaviour.

5 – An enhanced brand image.

A professional website, social networks used wisely, a regular presence among Internet users: these are all good points for your company’s image. In an age where digital is no longer just part of everyday life, but is almost the definition of it, a company with little or no web presence gives the consumer little confidence.

Investing in digital marketing gives your customers the opportunity to interact with you on a regular basis and allows them to see that your business is still in business.

As you can see, digital marketing has many advantages. This is just a small sample! Take your digital presence to the next level to reach new customers and increase your profits.