More than a year after its takeover by David Gavroy, Yellow Business is continuing its rise. The latest example: the new high-flying recruits found by the company. Today, Jean-Baptiste Payen has joined the young and dynamic team as a marketing consultant.

The Yellow team has been strengthened once again with the arrival of Jean-Baptiste Payen. At the age of 33, the young man already has a good CV. After obtaining three higher education diplomas (the first in marketing and international trade, the next in communication and the last in management and business strategy), he entered the professional world as a salesman. “It wasn’t necessarily what I was destined for when I left school. But I am not a sedentary person. I need to move around, to meet people, to come into contact with them.  So this job as a business consultant was rather obvious,” says the new recruit.

The one his clients already call “J-B” has 10 years of experience in the field of communication. He has been advising entrepreneurs on their marketing needs for a decade. “I have accompanied many self-employed people and craftsmen over the past few years. But if there is one sector that I have particularly taken to heart, it is the hotel and catering industry. There is something very exciting about accompanying restaurant owners and meeting their communication needs. Very often, they are detached from technology, or they don’t have the time to devote to it. We have a lot to offer them and it’s so rewarding to feel so integrated in the success of their business.

It was quite natural for Jean-Baptiste to come to Yellow Business, like his colleagues, it was the company’s dynamism that attracted him. He explains: “Yellow’s DNA is customer service, but also the importance that its employees attach to return on investment. All the services and products offered must provide a certain added value to the client. And this is a value that I share 200%. I want to dedicate my time and expertise to entrepreneurs and I want to become that trusted partner that all entrepreneurs will want to work with.

Did you like J-B’s approach and as an entrepreneur or craftsman would you like her to analyse your needs? Say Yellow and Jean-Baptiste will come and meet you.