We spend more and more time with our hands glued to our phones. But exactly how much time per day do we spend with our eyes glued to our smartphone screen? According to a study by App Annie, the average screen time is around 5 hours, with a global average of 4 hours 48 minutes.

A study by the American firm App Annie on the use of smartphones in the world in 2021 reveals some interesting data. The average daily screen time spent behind our smartphone screens is increasing. In fact, in the top 10 markets analysed by the firm, the weighted average exceeded 4 hours 48 minutes in 2021 – up 30% on 2019.

The country with the highest average is Brazil, with an average of 5.4 hours spent on the networks. In the US the average is 4.2 hours. In Europe, the average is 3.6 hours in France and 3.4 hours in Germany.

In half of the cases, this time is spent on social networks. As a company, there is therefore a real interest in being present on the networks. And beyond your presence, the objective is to be visible to your customers and prospects. On this point, we can help you to stand out. Our community management service will help you to create and maintain your community on social networks. On the digital marketing side, we can help you boost your visibility with targeted advertising.

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