It’s a new collective that is likely to make a lot of noise: “The Hoya Project”. Founded by Amanda of LUX WMN and Clémence of Studio Blomst, The Hoya Project is a collective that aims to promote women’s businesses and provide a safe space for female entrepreneurs and designers to collaborate and network.

Amanda and Clémence are two passionate, committed and creative women. Both are entrepreneurs. Amanda is the founder of LUX WMN, the first women’s magazine for female entrepreneurs. Clémence is the director of Studio Blomst, an agency dedicated to visual identity, communication strategy, content creation on social networks, illustration, print and web design, and, among other things, the design and construction of LUX WMN magazine.

Both met at the 1535 Creative Hub, where they work. Their vision and ambitions immediately matched. The Hoya Project” came to life during passionate discussions. “This project was born a few months ago. Our desire is to create a community of inspired and inspiring women entrepreneurs. A community of business women and creative women. We want to offer them a safe space to create and set up partnerships and collaborations. To share experiences or to create a network”, explains Clémence.

The first step of their project is a Christmas market, on the weekend of 11 and 12 December at the 1535 Creative Hub in Differdange. Clémence explains: “That weekend is the open house of 1535. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to set up a pop-up store, and to showcase the work and creations of many entrepreneurs from the Greater Region. There will be 35 of us offering and presenting our creations. We’ll be presenting our creations, from ceramics to jewelry, candles and graphic illustrations.

This pop-up store, which is also available online, is only the first step for “The Hoya Project”, as the two founders are already looking for more. “We have the idea of organising work-shops, conferences and workshops. The idea is that we want to bring together business women and offer them a real place to share and express themselves. This is sorely lacking in the region,” concludes Clémence.

They invite you to meet them on 11 and 12 December at 1335 in Differdange or online on their website ” ” or on social networks.