The years 2020 and 2021 are marked by the health crisis. An exceptional situation that has hit the aviation sector hard. But the Luxair group did not want to let itself be defeated. On the contrary, the brand took the opportunity to start its rebranding. A refreshment that was greatly rewarded at the Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards 2021. Vincenzo Manzella, marketing director for the group, looks back on the last few months.

To say that the last few months have been complicated for the aviation world is an understatement. Let’s talk about an unprecedented and confusing situation, to say the least. With planes grounded and travelers stranded at their borders, the year 2020 has left its mark on the aviation industry.

Faced with these confusing events, the Luxembourg group Luxair did not give up. Instead, it has taken advantage of this period to take its marketing in hand and refresh its brand image. “I arrived at Luxair three days before the lockdown began. Right away, I felt that there was a real passion for aviation in this company, but that the brand needed to be refreshed. I shared with the rest of the management a deep conviction that something had to be done,” says Vincenzo Manzella, group marketing director. He continues: “In May 2020, we didn’t know if the situation was going to improve and if the sector was going to make it. So we had to make do with what we had. We couldn’t outsource our marketing anymore, so we relied on our own strengths to save money. But covid or no covid, we had to do this refresh, we had to go for it.”

So the marketing team, consisting of about ten people, rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to give Luxair the rebranding the brand deserved. “Luxair is a strong brand with a high level of awareness. We had to capitalise on all that but give it a facelift. We started with a TV spot in a rather rock’n’roll version,” continues the director. And then the group wanted to make a mark, create a buzz and hit hard, very hard. “Our greatest success is without doubt our Boeing 737 customised by Sumo, a well-known street artist. We stuck stickers on the carcass of our plane and the result was breathtaking. Working with an artist like him, and doing this kind of work, was unique in Europe and it allowed us to make a mark.

The marketing team didn’t stop there, as the brand was extended to clothing collections, beers and concerts. Luxair also presented itself as a committed brand. “We flocked a plane to support the association “Women in Distress” which helps victims of domestic violence. And then we flocked another plane in the colors of the LGBTQI+ community. We were the first company to make such a strong commitment and we are proud of it.

And to say the least, the hard work has paid off. Luxair was nicely rewarded at the Marketers Gala and at the Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards 2021 ceremony. The event that brings together the major players in the field of communication and marketing in Luxembourg. “We didn’t expect to receive four awards. I couldn’t tell you which one made me the most happy. What moved me the most was to see the pride in the eyes of my colleagues, who had fought for months. And to see their work rewarded in this way, in front of an entire confirmed sector,” concluded Vincenzo Manzella.

Luxair received the awards for “Best Brand of the Year”, “Best MarCom Strategy of the Year” and “Best MarCom Project of the Year”. Vincenzo Manzella was personally awarded the “MarCom Manager of the Year” prize.