The world of digital marketing is changing fast, very fast. Specialists in the field must continually adapt and keep abreast of new trends. At Yellow, we have studied the marketing trends for 2022. In our article, we present everything and offer to accompany you on all these points.

If there is one area that is evolving fast, very fast, it is marketing. Specialists and professionals have to adapt and follow all the trends if they want to stay competitive.

For its 3ᵉ edition, Deloitte’s “Global Marketing Trends Report” highlights the major marketing trends that will mark the year 2022. We bring you some of them just below.

Authentic and inclusive marketing

The first trend Deloitte identifies is the need for campaigns that better reflect the diversity of our society. “Our society is changing, and marketers need to be advocates of diversity, equity and inclusion to support their brand message with authenticity,” the company said in a statement.

This means that advertisements should speak to and reflect all consumers, regardless of their ethnicity, physical appearance, sexual orientation, etc. More than ever, brands need to ensure that they are inclusive and that no one is left out of their messages.

Improving the hybrid experience

An effective way to stand out from the competition is to offer the customer a hybrid experience, between the physical and the digital. Augmented reality, virtual tours or connected objects: there is no lack of opportunities. These hybrid experiences can be put in place in order to stand out from the competition, as we have said, but also to increase customer personalisation, improve customer identification or once again out of concern for inclusion (certain technologies are easier to access for people with reduced mobility, for example).

Enhancing customer service with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Again with a view to optimising the customer experience throughout the buying journey, companies will be relying on Artificial Intelligence to optimise their marketing strategy but also their customer service. Once again, the opportunities in this area are legion, and will only increase over the years.

Other trends: virtual and content

Several other marketing trends have been identified by other players in the field. Among these, content or virtual events.

This is a practice that the pandemic has brought to the forefront: virtual events. In the new year, it is likely that remote events will continue to prove their