How about giving a voice to our most loyal customers?

Tony Aussel launched his personal coaching business in March 2020. The timing was bad, as that month heralded the beginning of the worst health crisis our generation has ever seen. It was not easy to launch his self-employed activity in this context, but Tony was able to count on Yellow’s help to start his business. He looks back with us on almost two years of collaboration.

How did you get started with Yellow?

At the beginning, I only took on local referencing on the platform. Then, a little less than a year ago, I met one of the team’s marketing consultants. We had a long discussion about my wishes and needs, and we came to the conclusion that I needed advertising on Google. So I signed up for a paid search engine optimisation service.

Did you feel the effects of the collaboration with Yellow?

At first, I must admit that I didn’t feel the difference. The effects were not immediate. But I realised that digital marketing is a game of patience. We reworked the keywords regularly and the effects started to show. Today, we are in a completely different dimension. I’m up to one and a half more clients per month thanks to Yellow. And in my business this quota is not negligible. In the end, 90% of my clientele comes from Yellow.

What are the weak points of your collaboration with Yellow?

I’ll make it simple: there are none.

And what about the strong points?

Without a doubt, the fact that all the people I’ve worked with have listened. When you’re self-employed, you sometimes feel alone in your activity and Yellow has been a real support, a real help.

And what I particularly appreciate is that the consultants don’t sell dreams. Many marketing agencies told me they knew everything and promised me the moon, only to make mistakes and not deliver anything. At Yellow, the employees are humble. If they don’t know, they ask around and ask questions. But in the end they come up with a really good solution.